When the disparity between what you think and say about something and the physical, energetic reality of something reaches a certain point of tension, there will be a break. Something will erupt and provide an uncomfortable surprise for the ones who never question their own assumptions. We can think of this as misfortune, betrayal, the last straw, deliverance or the urge for authenticity in all beings. How we interpret events is a big part of how we create our own suffering. In the language of Astrology, Uranus is the harbinger of such shocking moments of release. A tension that had been building gives way and out comes the truth.  It’s usually experienced as a destructive shock but needn’t be.  Uranus is always asking us to break free of anything that constrains our growth, specifically the expression of our own individual genius.  It is the Revolutionary planet. When Uranus shows up, the outgrown forms have to fall away. On June 26th Uranus had it’s first square to Pluto and we all had some sort of experience around that time of being “blindsided.” Something that we didn’t want to admit was true came blasting out of the unconscious into very visible and physical form. Because planets seem to stop and go backwards sometimes (retrograde motion) this Pluto/Uranus square will be going on through the spring of 2015. That’s a long time to be dealing with the stripping away of pretense.  The last time we were dealing with similar energies was 1967-1968. We are in a time of great change.  That doesn’t mean bad, scary or untenable.  Change is necessary.  No growth can happen without change.  We can all be shocked and saddened by something that other people would have seen from a mile away. Denial is an amazingly powerful psychological and emotional protection. Why one develops this sort of protection is unique to each person’s complex history. We all do it. We all run along on automatic pilot, protecting our vulnerable areas with conviction and surety that we are doing the right and practical things. Recently, I found out that I’d rented a house that wasn’t really mine. The landlord’s daughter and boyfriend live in a room underneath the house, in the garage. Oh, I knew they were there when I moved in but was told they’d just moved up from Southern California and would be moving soon, when they found jobs. It wasn’t really a problem for six months. They’d both found jobs and I assumed they’d be moving soon. Then the landlord’s daughter began complaining about our making too much noise upstairs–telling us not to use water or move around after 10pm. When I received a certified letter telling me I was a “noise nuisance” and threatening eviction, I had to look into the legalities. Whenever legal threats come into my life, I know Pluto is involved.  Pluto is about Power and is always asking us to stop pretending and get real. Pluto and Uranus together create a perfect storm of threats to our fundamental assumptions.  We are all going through this right now.  Each of us is having to deal with tensions in the area of our lives where we’re not being honest. Looking at this from the outside, anyone might say I should fight for my rights. But I needed to go into meditation and ask why this eruption was happening in my life? What was I protecting myself from seeing? On the one hand, I should never have rented this house under those circumstances. True. Lesson learned.  But what was really going on? What am I protecting that’s being shown to me in the form of this secretive, repressed, controlling, angry & fearful energy? When I think of it that way… I can see that a part of me feels trapped in a box in the basement. As lovely as it was to land back in San Francisco after being gone for seven years and be in my favorite part of town where I can take long walks on the cliffs above “Land’s End”, where I can hear the ocean as I sleep and watch the pair of red-tailed hawks who live out here… as lovely as that has all been, I have been quiet, holding back, gathering strength and living a kind of old life that everyone expects me to live. That angry woman in the basement will be recognized. When I stop blaming the woman downstairs for being controlling, fearful, angry… I can recognize the part of me that is fearful, angry and being controlled.  And when I ask that part of me what she really wants… she wants a studio to paint in, to see clients in, to have events in.  That part of me is tired of pretending I don’t need what I really, really want. Uranus asks us to tear down the walls and let the captives free. Squaring Pluto takes it all to the deepest level of what is hidden behind our walls of denial. Stop blaming anyone for upsetting you, for shocking and deplorable behavior and let this Uranus/Pluto square rip away the veils of denial from your life… and expose your shocking genius. Because we all have a genius, waiting to be let out of the basement. Uranus square Pluto June 26 2012 Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012  Uranus square Pluto May 21 2013 Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013 Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014 Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014 Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015.