“Giacomond” by Quint Bucholz



We are all being asked to reinvent ourselves, to dare to believe that we are capable of waking up to our own potential


We are in the middle of a huge change in human consciousness.  The Great Awakening symbolized by the squaring of Pluto and Uranus is here.  This transit doesn’t end until 2015.   In the language of Astrology, all the old unconscious things we’ve been in denial about (Pluto) are erupting in our faces as our own creative genius (Uranus) is trying to wake us up.  The tensions we’re watching on the global scale are also at work in our own personal lives.

Mary Swanson is inviting 9 Students to her home for a day of fun exploration, deep understanding and sharing.  She’ll be teaching you some basic astrological principles, speaking specifically about your chart and bringing the ancient wisdom and guidance of Astrology to help you understand what is trying to transform in your life.

You don’t have to know anything about Astrology to attend this seminar!  We’ll be looking at how the archetypes of Power and Genius interact in your life,  sharing stories, doing some meditation and learning lots about how to work with our own inner conflicts and gifts.

Where:  4810 Fulton St. San Francisco, CA 94121

When:  10 am to 6pm on Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cost: $200.00

Pre-registration & Birth information Required

For more information and registration please contact Mary @ 415-682-4818 or email at mary@maryswanson.net

Please bring your own lunch.  We’ll take a  break around 1:00.  I’ll have tea and snacks.

special one-on-one astrological readings for those who can’t attend

contact Mary to schedule a reading