Classes And Workshops
INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Level One: The Basic Laws of Energy
In Level One you will learn the basics of working with energy: how to recognize, clear and balance your own energy field. This is the foundation of all intuitive development— learning to understand your own particular way of sensing energy.
INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Level Two: Relationships
In Level Two you will learn how to work with the energy of Relationships. You will develop a compassionate awareness of the unconscious reasons for your patterns in your relationships. You will learn how to separate energy fields and set appropriate boundaries. As you become more conscious of why you interact the way you do, you will begin to heal the way you relate to everyone, including yourself.
INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Level Three: Past Life Awareness
In Level Three you will learn about your Past Lives. In these six classes we go deep into our understanding of the patterns in our lives. We learn about the Astral Body, the Akashic records, our own Record Keeper and how to heal past life experiences. As we learn to observe the relationship between experience and our unconsciously held beliefs, we come to a greater understanding of how we create our own lives.
INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Level Four: Abundance & Prosperity
Intuitive Development Series
Anxiety Meditation
Grounding Meditation
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