Summer Solstice 2014 June 21, 6:51 am ext

By Mary Swanson

Dear, Powerful and Gentle Children of the Earth,

Summer Solstice is here!  The longest day of the year, “Mid-Summer” has arrived at last.  All over the northern hemisphere, people are responding to the urge to get outside and enjoy this amazing world we live in.

As long as there have been people, people have celebrated this time of year.  After a long, long, long winter and bone-chilling spring, the Sun at it’s fullest calls upon us to go outside and feel it’s warmth and invigoration.  Longer days mean more time to be out and about and Summer Solstice is a time of family gatherings, camping with friends, hittin’ the road and pow-wows of all denominations.

We’re having this Solstice during a Mercury Retrograde.  In the language of astrology, retrogrades are about slowing things down and taking another look.  Mercury is all about communication & travel, whether that’s on the physical or intellectual plane.

So take a little time for yourself this Solstice, to think, to feel, to find a way into your own experience of life.   Take a pause from all the necessary tasks while you let yourself feel the Sun.  And Air.  And Earth.  And your own being.

No matter how intense or pressured your life feels right now, Mother Nature is waiting for you to come out and, if not play, at least let her make you smile.

Love and more love,


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Arms Full of Wildflowers

Gratitude means showing up on life’s doorstep,

love’s threshold, dressed in a clown suit,

rubber-nosed, gunboat shoes flapping.

Gratitude shows up with arms full of wildflowers,

reciting McKuen or the worst of Neruda.

To talk of gratitude is to be

the fool in a cynic’s world.

Gratitude is pride’s nightmare,

the admission of humility before something

given without expectation or attachment.

Gratitude tears open the shirt

of self importance, scatters buttons

across the polished floors of feigned indifference,

ignores the obvious and laughs out loud.

Even more, gratitude bares her breasts, rips open

her ribs to show the naked heart, the holy heart.

What if that sacred heart is not, after all, about sacrifice?

Imagine it is about joy, barefoot and foolhardy,

something unasked for, something unearned.

What if the beat we hear, when we are finally quiet

is simply this:

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you

… Rebecca del Rio

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Summer Solstice 2014  Saturday, 6:51 am edt

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