Dear, Gentle and Resilient Children of the Earth,Winter Solstice is here again!  
The longest night of the year is here.  There is cause for great celebration and rejoicing: the Sun will come back just a little earlier the day after Solstice and nights begin to shorten.Here, in the great pause (Solstice literally means “the-sun-stands-still”) is a perfect time to take a deep breath and reorient yourself.  It’s time to make “Sacred Time” which is time out of your ordinary routine.  In Sacred time we have the ability to look at a larger picture, to literally look up & connect with the great Mystery in which we exist.

Throughout all of time, people have taken Sacred time at the Winter Solstice to take care of each other, to rejoice in Life itself and to give thanks for all that supports us.

On December 15th we had the seventh and next to last Pluto/Uranus “Gate”.  For three years now, Pluto (Power and abuses of Power) has been challenged by the need for freedom and change (Uranus). Whether we’re looking at the world stage or our own belief system, pressures are nearly unbearable.

But if you look closely, there are little break-throughs happening everywhere… and what is breaking through is the light of new ways & new ideas that can solve the tensions created by change.

All we have to do is notice them.

Blessed be,


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Longing And Belonging
by Jon Jackson
There is something which longs for me,
Longs to belong to me.
A life which enters with each breath,
Yearning to absorb the splendor
Into my soul.This lover pursues me, sustains me.
This lover knows that I still cannot see,
And, so, pursues me with smell, and taste, and sound.
Anything, to get my attention,
To wake me up.To dance  with my heart,
Surrounding me with healing arms.There is something so close to all that I am,
Which sings a love song when I can’t sleep.
There are messages in the rain, in the sun.
The moon reflects it’s glowing light,
And spins around, saying, “Look at me!
Here I am!  And now you can see your way!”And, of course, I take those steps,
Accepting the rose that appears in my hand,
And hoping the doorbell is going to ring.
While something waits patiently by my side,
Keeping me warm, and knowing the beauty.- Jon Jackson 
Enjoy my reading of a Winter Solstice StorySingebiss and the North Wind
This story was found at: as retold by Fran Stalling.

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Dear Everybody–
I am so excited about this class!!  If I weren’t teaching it, I’d be taking it.  My dear friends and collaborators, Jena Owen & Laura Tabet have me dancing in the aisles.  All the ways I love to connect deeply into life are in this class:  learning about mythology, astrology & psychology and how they intertwine, group meditations and sharing, art journaling, shifting my own energy and perspective. Each month is a ritual that takes us out of our stuck places!  I really, really hope you’ll join us!!

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